What is PolitiCrowd?

Mission Statement

PolitiCrowd’s mission is to apply technology to foster governmental accountability, to improve transparency, and to drive engagement between people and the politicians that represent them.

Backstory – Why do we need PolitiCrowd?

PolitiCrowd began with the simple recognition that our government has always needed its citizens. Unfortunately, a massive schism has developed that threatens this fundamental link.

It seemed odd to us that such disengagement could occur in an age of such connection. The social media surge in the digital age has brought us closer to our friends, our families, our pets, the products we buy, new cultures, old cultures, and even people we disagree with.

We built PolitiCrowd to harness this potential and revive the relationship between citizens, politicians, and the political system.


For PolitiCrowd to work, we need to make the lives of everyone involved easier. For citizens, this means getting good ideas into government. For politicians, this means creating a simple way to learn how to earn more votes.

How it Works

PolitiCrowd’s platform acts as a forum in which political stakeholders participate in crowdsourced conversations with their government. These conversations center on OpenLetters, user-generated letters that address policy concerns. The PolitiCrowd community joins the conversation by commenting on those OpenLetters.

But PolitiCrowd doesn’t just empower citizens. It also helps politicians. The crowdsourced format makes it easy for lawmakers to understand their constituents. As any political adviser will tell you, this is an essential part of a legislator’s decision-making process, and also the core of a successful campaign.